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Things I would like to see added
  • Search bar in the build menu (It took me nearly 2 hours to find the base core, adding this search bar will make building more user friendly). 
  • Damage numbers or more noticeable hit markers: numbers to show how much damage you are doing. It feel like sometimes I'm not hitting something when I know I am. 
  • Separated key bind menu. A section for movements, items, building, and combat. The current layout is hard to tell what you are changing and what each bind corresponds to. 
  • Hit-fire reticles on explosive weapons.
  • More melee weapons (The arm blade is fun and all, but this game would be perfect for some type of energy sword or throwing knifes)!
  • Special armor/weapons from quest? There's no real drive (other than to learn how to play the game) to do the quest if you can just make what the reward is.
  • When playing with other, a big "Boss" mob spawns on the map and the players try and hunt to kill it.
Things that need improvements:
  •  Music volume is WAY to loud on the title screen and cannot be adjusted. 
  • Audio direction is not accurate. EX: Player will think they hears shots coming from left or right but they will actually be from the other way, Foot steps always sound be hide you.
  • Building grid takes forever for thing to line up perfectly (one reason why I cannot build. (Maybe could  make the build gun able to level out the ground perfectly with a different destroy mode?, and make it where the build grid size can be changed by the player....Fornite does a good job in their creative mode). Basically building is not new user friendly and takes nearly several house to build a simple house that lines up right.
  • Quest are still hard to follow when you don't know what you are looking for. The materials all look different, but the new players will not know what anything looks like.
  • Quest menu requires the play to manually select what quest to display, and it very easy to get lost on what step you were on due to it going away after completing the step.
  • Eating food to restore energy seems to restore to little. 
  • "Sleeping" or "Res" mechanic requires multiple clicks....a hold down feature would be nice.
  • Carry Weight is low based off the size/things a player must carry on them (maybe add something that can increase that or just increase it in general and creative mode shouldn't have it).
  • Game Modes need to be better distinguished. On survival you can spawn anything you would need. Maybe just keep that ability to creative/single player campaign (all the "game modes" play and feel the same). 

These are all just suggestions I personally would like to see. I've been comparing GearStorm to several other games and to me these are the big features that i notice are missing when I play this game after playing others. To sum everything up, most of the menus are not user friendly or new player friendly rather, audio ques appear to be misleading, and quality of life on the game (like carry weight) could use some adjusting. 

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Ignore the multiple click for rest! I got confused on games for a second. Sorry about that!
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