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With the recent 10+ hours I have played since my last post, I have spent nearly all of the time building  a huge research tower and testing gout many different buildings. The tower is still progress (everything takes forever to line up perfectly), but I have used just about every item in the build menu. 

Building Bugs:
  • Lights from lamps travel through the floor and walls
  • Cannot move chest or base cores after placement
  • Terminals and chair face the wrong way after placement (they place facing the opposite way of the player, maybe add a rotate keybind/fxn?)
  • Screens such as monitors cannot be changed (It just always says "GearStorm")
World Bugs:
  • infinite cactus @451,971
  • Massive frame-rate issues after recent update while in buildings.

If proof/videos are needed for any of these please let me know and I will do my best to get them!

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Original post messed up. Below are the missing bugs for "World Bugs" and "Misc"

  • Deer pawn and rag doll are able to be pushed around by player 
  • Sliding base door @490,1010 kills NPC that walk through sometimes.
  • White screen flashes when walking into a well lit base during night with shadows turn down low
  • Jumping in the underwater cave @264,836 causes player to float back to the top.
  • Vehicles that hit player stop in place and do nothing to the character. 
  • Apatite Crystal spawner does not go away after collecting the material.
  • Able to jump through the blue windows and fully edit base @3079,1050
  • Hunter Pawn and rag doll fly away after killing it on a hill.
  • Lights travel through floors.
  • Cant move chest, and other machines after placing
  • Terminals face the wrong way after placing them (Face the opposite direction from player). 

  • Massive frame drops after recent update while next to big building and in rain.
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