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I've logged around 7 hours of play time and theses are the bugs I've noticed so far. I did my best to cross off already know issues from other forum post, and do apologize if any are repeated/have already been fixed. I can get clips/screen-shots as needed for these.

World Issues: 

  • Taller Grass does go away once you did from under it and can go through walls of building (if building underground or next to the grass)
  • Base @2060,3231 in single player can be moved/destroyed by player's build gun.
  • Infinite flumetree @2060,3231.... have heard that there are other "tree-type" objects with this bug as well.
  • Textures while build in the icy part of the world are shaky.
  • NPCs walking leaded back up and down hills @ the original spawn point for single player campaign. 
  • Flamethrower burn above what you are aiming at.
  • "Assault Rifle" blooms. The bullet spread and reticle placement do not match. The bullets go way off target.
  • "Build Gun" ADS glitch: when a player ADS's with another weapon then uses the scroll wheel to swap to the build gun, the player gets stuck in ads with the build gun and can only get out of it by swapping back to the other weapon.
  • Weapon camera glitch: when hip-firing a weapon then swapping to an ADS position, the weapon goes off center (to the left) and the bullet/laser appears to be shooting from the side of the given weapon. 
  • Base Cores cannot be moved after placement
  • Building Grid does not line up on uneven surfaces. Ex: I tried making a downward stair then connect it to a floor piece to make an underground base and i could not get the floors to connect right. The ones that did had a shaky texture.
  • Frame limit is based on monitor's refresh rate and prevents seeing full potential of performance/strain.
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