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Hi there

Firstly, thank you for allowing me to test your game. My plan was to spend a good portion of today playing, but my Razer Synapse crapped out because of a Windows update.  So I've been troubleshooting that all day and as a result, only have about 10 mins playtime under my belt. I can however give some limited feedback until I can get back into it:


  • I shat myself a bit at how loud the music was when I first fired up the game. Perhaps have the music volume at 50% and allow people to adjust up or down according to their preferences?
  • I noticed that there is no field of view slider or camera shake toggle.  These are important for people like me who are prone to motion sickness. Allowing a wider field of view is also good for people who use ultrawide monitors apparently, though I'm not one of them.
  • Another missing setting is a 'mouse look sensitivity' slider. I found the mouse look was a bit too fast, so I was going to create a Razer profile for the game and tweak it that way (but then Synapse broke).
  • I run a 1050TI, and found I had to turn down most of the settings to low to get 60FPS. On the other hand, I didn't notice much of a degrade in graphics lowering the settings, so not really that big of a deal. When I get a chance, I'd like to test a bit more with different quality setting combos.
  • I did find the graphics had a slight jitter to them when I moved my character. Not sure if that was performance related or some sort of micro camera shake.
  • I love the compass mini-map thing

That's about all I can comment on at this stage, but looking forward to playing some more hopefully soon.

Thanks, and congrats on the alpha launch.



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Great feedback, we think all your suggestions are well thought-our and well articulated. Thank you for playing and thank you for helping us with some feedback.

We have started work on two of the features you suggest, the FOV and mouse sensitivity adjustments should make it into the next release. Also, we will turn down the music volume by default.

I’m not sure we know what you mean by “camera shake”. We don’t have that effect deliberately in the game right now. The hotter you describe might be from something else. We’re you playing locally or on our server?
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