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The GearStorm Terrain system is unique and more interactive than most games.

1.  Terrain is dynamically generated, allowing us to very quickly generate new maps and cut down significantly on network overhead and server join times.  

2.  GearStorm terrain is interactive, you can dig for resources, dig a base out of the ground, dig a foxhole to hide in, remove pesky rocks, trees or hills in your way, flatten out a patch of ground for your base, or blow a hole through a hill to get that pesky hiding player (if you have a large enough weapon!)

3.  Terrain is persistent.  When you dig or make holes or change terrain, your changes are saved in real-time.  As a multi-player game, everyone else sees your changes in real-time, of course.

4.  Foliage is dynamic.  Trees grow, grass grows and fills in, you can destroy trees and grass.

5.  Water.  The first map in GearStorm is surrounded by a alien sea, we plan more water features as we go forward!

6.  Large.  GearStorm maps are huge!  20 x 20 kilometers huge.  400 square kilometers to explore, find things, build your base or hideout, go on quests and missions.
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