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GearStorm has a in-depth building system.  

1.  You can build walls, bridges, windows, floors, stairs, elevators, and garages to protect your vehicles.  

2.  You can build out of different materials that affect what kind of weapons can damage your building and by how much.  Wood, stone, metal and carbon fiber buildings all have different damage and health characteristics.

3.  Building requires a "core" to be placed before a building can be started.  The core allows building in a adjustable radius.  This is to keep building from being done in combat or all over the map and cluttering things up as well as to give players a way to "own" the buildings or bases they create and server gamemaster-admins a way to control building on their server.

4.  GearStorm has lights, chairs, tables and other fun interior items to decorate your bases interior and personalize your area.

5.  Building controls.  GearStorm has a wireless control scheme that lets you assign a channel to a control like a switch or sensor and open/close doors, turn lights on and off, or activate elevators.
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